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Welcome to the home of James Ridyard Golf, specialist in golf performance, consulting, research and education. 

“I have encountered a number of the games brightest minds, be it clubmakers, coaches, or industry insiders in those travels . I can say without hesitation that James Ridyard is the single most qualified instructor I have encountered.” - Andy Plummer 

“James knowledge and coaching style was simply "TOP DRAW" and I realise that we would never be able to have access to someone of his calibre without your connections. My one 2 one session with him this afternoon was just awesome and I suddenly realise that I now have a "track to run on" that will produce results and I am extremely motivated” - Two Day School Participant

“Great presentation. Jim was talking at dinner tonight about how impressed he was with your wedge information" - Plane Truth Golf (Twitter)

"The only thing better that @jamesridyard's wedge presentation is the love he's getting from his colleagues." Nick Starchuk

Watch the Golf Channel's Martin Hall bring James's information to the masses on his School of Golf show, more videos available to view on the Video Vault page.