The Art of Controlling Your Golf Ball Around the Green - Periscope Video October 12 2015

Persicope is a great little app that allows you to broadcast and interact with your audience live, I don't do it very often but really should do as it can be a lot of fun. One interesting point with Periscope is that your videos disappear forever after 24 hours, there is however a save to device option should you want to post it anywhere else and that's how today's video came about.

Back in June I visited a good friend in Austria called Kevyn Cunningham, he kindly organised and hosted a couple of days with a group of Austrian teaching professionals which was a lot of fun. On the afternoon of my arrival Kevyn had a terrible hangover so I dragged him outside and started hitting a few shots around the superb practice gree where the chat goes from creating a few different flights to dealing with different lies. There's plenty packed into the 12 minutes, hope you enjoy. If you found this useful be sure to visit for the best short game video series money can buy.


p.s It was casual Sunday..