Wedge Research Project

I'm looking for golfers of all levels to take part in a wedge research project I'm conducting with Jason MacNiven of Golf Principles, Jason is an expert clubfitter who enjoys the pursuit of truth and helping golfers as much as I do.

The purpose of the research is to identify the effect of using different shaft types on both technique and performance, something that is largely unresearched in the wedge game yet is most likely incredibly important. It's the next logical step in the ongoing process of figuring out how to obtain the highest levels of performance with the wedges and I'm excited to get going with it!

There's no way to sugar coat it but there will be a cost, it will be kept low however and in return you will receive great advice on both your technique and equipment at a fraction of the normal cost.

Location: We will be using the GEARS ( system at Magnolia Park situated within minutes of J9 on the M40

Please fill in your details below including information such as handicap, years playing etc and I'll get back to you when we have confirmed dates in place but it will be before mid March.