My Favourite Short Game Drill

In partnership with PING, I’m excited to share one of the most effective short game drills that I recommend for golfers of all levels. This drill is simple yet incredibly impactful, involving just a coat hanger and your wedge. The primary focus of this drill is to enhance your finish position, which is crucial for a consistent short game.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Coat Hanger Drill

  1. Setup: Place a coat hanger inside the grip of your wedge, ensuring it runs parallel to the shaft. The hook should be pointing down towards the clubhead.
  2. Grip and Stance: Grip the club as you normally would, with the coat hanger running along your lead arm. Take your usual stance, positioning the ball in the centre.
  3. Backswing: As you take the club back, ensure the coat hanger remains in contact with your lead arm. This promotes a connected backswing and prevents excessive wrist hinge.
  4. Impact: Focus on maintaining the connection between the coat hanger and your lead arm through impact. This helps you achieve a solid strike and improves your control over the ball.
  5. Finish Position: The key element of this drill is the finish position. Ensure that at the end of your swing, the coat hanger is still in contact with your lead arm. This indicates that you have used your body rotation effectively and maintained a good arm position throughout the swing.

Benefits of the Drill

  • Consistency: By focusing on the finish position, this drill helps you develop a repeatable and consistent short game swing.
  • Improved Control: Maintaining the connection between the coat hanger and your lead arm ensures that your clubface remains square through impact, leading to better control over your shots.
  • Enhanced Body Rotation: This drill encourages proper body rotation, which is essential for generating power and maintaining balance.

Incorporating the Drill into Your Practice

To get the most out of this drill, integrate it into your regular practice routine. Start with short pitch shots, gradually increasing the length of your swing as you become more comfortable. Focus on maintaining the connection between the coat hanger and your lead arm throughout the entire swing.


This coat hanger drill is a simple yet powerful tool for improving your short game. By ensuring a proper finish position, you can develop a more consistent and controlled short game, ultimately leading to lower scores. Remember, practice makes perfect, so incorporate this drill into your routine and watch your short game transform.

For a detailed guide, including visual demonstrations, visit Golf Monthly.