A Revolutionary Approach to Short Game Instruction

From Beginner to Pro: Expert Guidance for Every Golfer

James’ coaching philosophy centers around one core skill: problem-solving. His ability to elevate players of any standard, eliminate pain points, and enhance performance hinges on his talent for creating achievable solutions tailored to each individual.

A problem-solving approach

James’ problem-solving approach is exploration-led, drawing from a vast knowledge base that spans mechanical, psychological, communicative, and many other areas. This holistic method ensures that every aspect of a player’s game is considered and addressed.

Elevating performance goes beyond simply applying a method or model.

James understands that true improvement stems from identifying and addressing the underlying factors unique to each player. This deep insight is what sets James apart from others in the field.

James is dedicated to building strong, working relationships with his clients. He believes that ultimate improvement can only be achieved through time and a profound understanding of the individual. While this can be challenging in the modern age, James has learned from golf that patience and persistence usually lead to success.

One-on-one instruction

With extensive experience across all levels of golf, from amateurs to major champions, James offers personalised coaching blending biomechanics, physics, and psychology for tailored player development.

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